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Next event date: January 31, 2018

More info on Nordic Growth Hacker event #10 will come.

Last event

NGH#9 at Techfestival was a smashing success – thank you!

Another Nordic Growth Hackers event has come and gone. Joining forces with Techfestival brought us a new venue and a lot of new faces, which was great to see. One thing that remained the same was the excellence of our speakers and the useful growth hacks and insights people took home with them.

And insights there were in abudance!

“The Good, The Bad and The Insight” brought us some very candid talks about things that worked, things that (really) didn’t, and what it takes to push through and succeed anyway.

Stay tuned as we’ll post videos of all presentations over the next few days. See you all at the next NGH event (which will be the 10th in our series)!

Watch the presentations from NGH#9:

What are the Nordic Growth Hacker events?

Nordic Growth Hackers is an event series organized and hosted by SimpleSite, and is for everyone who is working with or has an interest in how to grow an online business. Events are held in Copenhagen every three months, presenting real growth hacks directly from the practitioners themselves.

We’ll take you on a speedy journey of six real-world cases of things that worked, things that did not, dos and don’ts, world-class tools and hopefully a couple of surprises thrown in for good measure. You will spend an afternoon in good company and hopefully return invigorated, richer in network and full of ideas.

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