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On October 1st, 2014, Morten Elk and SimpleSite have kickstarted the first edition of Nordic Growth Hackers at Founders House in Copenhagen. Created and initiated by Morten Elk, the founder and CEO of SimpleSite, the event brings together some of the brightest talents in tech to share amazing stories about growth hacking—stories that inspire the local tech community and provide imaginative blueprints for future growth strategies.

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As Morten Elk explains in his keynote introduction, “Growth hacking typically encompasses all aspects of your business. There’s going to be PR, there’s going to be marketing, there’s going to be product, there’s going to be customer support involved in it. But, basically, finding out how to make the connections and increasing that is very valuable. Very often, in my opinion, more valuable than how or whether you found the exact market. There are a lot of optimizations that can make a lot of difference.”

The High Growth business school, the generic title of the event’s first edition, grouped presentations by leading professionals at companies such as Vivino, Firmafon, Falcon Social, Dinero, or Conferize, and covered a series of topics that took the audience through concepts, formulas, toolboxes, experiments, and strategies that have provided great results in taking these businesses further. 

The program of the first edition

16:30 — Arrival and registration at Founders House.

17:00 — Welcome keynote by Morten Elk, SimpleSite: “Why growth hacking can take you from zero-business to huge success
17:15 — Christos Iosifidis, Vivino: “More grit and patience than magic formulas and tricks
17:30 — Peter Engelbrecht, Firmafon: “The growth hacker toolbox
17:45 — Ronja Gustavsson, Falcon Social: “Building a growth hacking team
18:00 — Christos, Peter, and Ronja form a panel open for questions.

18:30 — Break! Light refreshments.

18:45 — 
Martin Thorborg, Dinero: “How Spamfighter got 10 times more sign-ups with two hours of work
19:00 — Jonas Nielsen, SimpleSite: “How experiments validated SimpleSite’s future freemium model
19:15 — Jon Schäffer, Conferize: “Mining event communities and turning them into leads
19:30 — Martin, Jonas, and Jon form a panel open for questions.

20:00 — Pizza, beer, networking, and knowledge sharing.
21:00 — See you at the next Nordic Growth Hackers event!

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Keynote Speakers

Executive Advisor, Investor & Entrepreneur

Jon Schäffer

Head of Product and Analytics at SimpleSite

Jonas Nielsen

CEO at Dinero

Martin Thorborg

Marketing Advisor & Partner at T-bone, SaaS Growth Advisory

Ronja Bo Gustavsson

Founder and CEO at Firmafon and Relatel

Peter Engelbrecht

VP of Product Management at Vivino

Christos Iosifidis

CEO at SimpleSite, Founder of Nordic Growth Hackers

Morten Elk