Nordic Growth Hackers#14 – The Luxury Mix lineup was a hit!

Morten Elk and the SimpleSite crew were so excited to host all of you at Matrikel1 for NGH#14, May 15 .

We’ll share pics, blog posts, interviews, video presentations – and much more! – from the event.

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Speakers for NGH#14:

Hakon Junge, Outbound Sales Manager, Growth & Brand, Pleo.io

Getting personal: How Pleo efficiently built their reference client base in the UK before opening an office.

Christian Brauner, CEO & Founder, Servicelovers

Understand your clients’ needs: How a pivot took Servicelovers from zero to (service) hero.

Mik Strøyberg , Founder & CEO, Good Monday

From hand-held to scalable: Our switch from manual sales to 100% online sign-up.

Jacob Knobel, Owner, Datapult AI Consultancy

A mention by Lars Løkke lead to ... how much business? Actual outcomes of having a high public profile.

Ulrik Bo Larsen, CEO and Co-Founder, Falcon.io.

Coming out as one of the winners in an extremely competitive space: Key takeaways from Falcon.io’s scaling journey.

Nordic Growth Hacker#13 – the New Year’s Banquet was a blast!

PMF, CAC payback and cross-cultural were some of the debated topics at Nordic Growth Hackers#13, January 30.

Speakers for NGH#13:

Niels Henrik Rasmussen, Founder & former CEO, Secunia, Interim CEO, Penneo

Selling 100.000€ software solutions over the phone – what are the prerequisites?

Michael Stanley, Senior Account Executive, Queue-it

How to sit in Copenhagen and successfully sell in Hong Kong where personal relations are key.

Anders Mayntzhusen, CCO, Dixa, Co-founder, Crowdio

500% MRR hypergrowth: Clear roles and a sales playbook helped accelerate prospects through Dixa’s funnel.

Jonas Gundersen, CRO, Tame, Co-founder, Aftercloud, ex-VP Sales, Famly

Three main learnings on the way to 100 customers.

Olafur Solvi Palsson, VP Commercial Operations, Adform, ex-Director of Commercial Operations, Falcon.io

How to scale inside sales profitably at Falcon.io

Toni Hohlbein, CCO, Falcon.io

How to scale inside sales profitably at Falcon.io

What are the Nordic Growth Hacker events?

Nordic Growth Hackers is an event series organized and hosted by SimpleSite, and is for everyone who is working with or has an interest in how to grow an online business. Events are held in Copenhagen every three months, presenting real growth hacks directly from the practitioners themselves.

We’ll take you on a speedy journey of six real-world cases of things that worked, things that did not, dos and don’ts, world-class tools and hopefully a couple of surprises thrown in for good measure. You will spend an afternoon in good company and hopefully return invigorated, richer in network and full of ideas.

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