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On January 31, 2018, Morten Elk and the SimpleSite team have welcomed marketing professionals to the tenth edition of Nordic Growth Hackers — the event in Copenhagen dedicated to making online businesses successful. Created and initiated by Morten Elk, the founder and CEO of SimpleSite, the event brings together some of the brightest talents in tech to share their stories about growth hacking and to inspire the local community into creating imaginative blueprints for future growth strategies.

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In his keynote speech, Morten Elk explained that the concept of Nordic Growth Hackers has remained unchanged over the past ten editions. The speakers come in, talk for fifteen minutes about something specific that they are passionate about, and everybody gets a little wiser by learning more. That is why the event continues to go strong after so much time and will only continue to grow with the next editions.

Guest speakers from companies like Sleeknote, Dixa, Vivino, Dental Media, or Miinto have highlighted in their presentations how efficient forms of performance marketing can lead to amazing growth in very little time. When used properly, growth hacking tools help companies to understand what really makes a business work, get new customers, increase revenues, and outperform expected results.

The program of the tenth edition

16:30 — Arrival and registration at Founders House.

17:00 — Welcome keynote by Morten Elk, SimpleSite: “Welcome to Nordic Growth Hackers #10
17:10 — Emil Kristensen, Sleeknote: “Lead scoring. 3x performance per salesperson after systematically validating leads
17:25 — Anders MayntzhusenDixa: “From 0 to 3.000 USD MRR in 3 months through legal cold emailing
17:40 — Oleg Parinov and Christos IosifidisVivino: “How to build the World’s largest e-commerce wine shop in a year
17:55 — Emil, Anders, Oleg, and Christos form a panel open for questions.

18:15 — Break! Light refreshments.

18:45 — Carsten PedersenDental Media: “700% revenue growth and now 22 employees. Selling a result rather than a service made Dental Media skyrocket
19:00 — Malthe Cederborg, Miinto: “Focus on performance marketing. Miinto achieved explosive growth in less than a year
19:15 — Carsten and Malthe form a panel open for questions.

19:30 — Pizza, beer, networking, and knowledge sharing.
21:00 — See you at the next Nordic Growth Hackers event!

Keynote Speakers

CMO at Miinto Group

Malthe Cederborg

Co-Founder at Dental Media

Carsten Pedersen

Product Manager at Vivino

Oleg Parinov

CMO & Co-founder of Sleeknote

Emil Kristensen

Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) & Partner @ Dixa

Anders Mayntzhusen

VP of Product Management at Vivino

Christos Iosifidis

CEO at SimpleSite, Founder of Nordic Growth Hackers

Morten Elk