We learned a lot on NGH#4.

For example that change typically increases user engagement. Revisit Steffen Frølund’s talk about Bownty to get the point: http://nordicgrowthhackers.com/psychology-in-email-marketing-every-change-created-improvement-but-not-for-long-why/

So we changed the format a bit: On January 28th at NGH#5 we have decided to split the event into one long talk and then three “standard” talks + panel – never change too much!

The person who deserves your attention for half an hour is Klaus Nyengaard. Here’s why:

Everyone talks about it and agrees, but very few are able to do it: Get a truly efficient culture to work in a startup. Why?

It’s about being extremely disciplined in the management team.

It’s about the way you recruit, the way you promote, the way you evaluate.

And to a great extent it’s also about what you are like as a person, as a leader.

Make a single exception to all the fine principles, and you run the risk of starting on a slippery slope towards a total corruption of the system.

Experience from several multi-million dollar startups
On the 28th of January Klaus Nyengaard will be at Nordic Growth Hackers #5 talking about how to create a growth culture and more specifically about what usually goes wrong.

His talk is based on his experience taking the company Just Eat from 30 to 1000 employees and on to the stock market, almost a repeat of his journey with SOL.dk. And on a management style which has made it possible to raise over 100 million USD in venture capital as he accomplished with Wahanda in London.

He has also been through a bankruptcy. And learned from it.

Today, Klaus is co-founder and Chairman of the Board of GenieBelt, who have in recent months growth hacked their way to an increase in the number of customers for their solution. Klaus will demonstrate what GenieBelt have recently done to boost the product’s virality/k-factor, user growth and MRR growth. So we also get some hard facts.

Forget about metrics, if the culture is failing
Your most important growth hack – more important, in fact, than choosing the right color for your “Sign up” button – is looking inwards and ensuring that the people operating the machine are content. That everything is well oiled and running between your employees.

The 28th of January will leave you much better informed, and you also get to ask all the questions to improve the culture in your own team.

See you on NGH#5. We haven’t changed the venue at Founder’s House, neither the beer & pizza.

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