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Anders Laustsen

Founder and CEO at Famly

Malthe Cederborg

CMO at Miinto Group

Carsten Pedersen

Co-Founder at Dental Media

Oleg Parinov

Product Manager at Vivino

Emil Kristensen

CMO & Co-founder of Sleeknote

Anders Mayntzhusen

Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) & Partner @ Dixa

Janni Pedersen

Performance Marketer

Jens Karstoft

Operational Startup Executive, Investor, Board Member

Peter Zigler

Co-Founder of Boon and Autobutler

Eric-Alan Rapp

International Investor and Entrepreneur

Christian Holm

Engineer and Co-Founder of Peakon

Brian Kyed

Co-CEO & Co-founder at Airtame