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CCO (Chief Commercial Officer) at MyMonii

Brief info

Thor Angelo has built two startups from zero to success and is currently working on his third project, MyMonii. He co-founded LanguageWire back in 2000 and built up the translation company from an idea in PPT to 100 people, 8 countries, and 26 million USD annual turnover in 2012; today, LanguageWire is doing 70M USD. The key to success was to build up a very unique and efficient IT platform and a unique business concept around it. In the summer of 2015, he co-founded OrderYOYO, where he acts as investor and CEO to help create a service that disrupts the takeaway business. He has made OrderYOYO the no. 1 white label ordering and marketing platform for takeaways. Since June 2019, he has handed over the operations to the C level team he has hired and moved himself to the Board of OrderYOYO.