Thanks to our event sponsors!

Event host & organizer


The Nordic Growth Hackers events are initiated, hosted and organized by SimpleSite

Morten Elk, CEO of SimpleSite, initiated Nordic Growth Hackers back in 2014. Since then, Morten and his team have hosted and organized every single one of the NGH events!

You will meet many members of the ever growing SimpleSite team at our events, taking a break from their daily tasks to create some NGH magic for you and your fellow growth hackers.

The SimpleSite team has an interest in the topic themselves, as they work with many techniques from growth hacking in their work on growing SimpleSite as a global website company.

What are they doing over at SimpleSite?

SimpleSite has developed a website building tool focused on simplicity and high usability for people with minimal tech and design skills.

With SimpleSite, users can create full-featured websites for sales, blogging or networking in just a few clicks, using an extremely easy-to-use and self-explanatory interface that allows any user to get their website online in five minutes.

Learn more about the SimpleSite team and their website tool:

Venue sponsor

Matrikel1 has sponsored our events since they moved in at Højbro Plads in 2018

Matrikel1 is an innovation hub that gathers lots of entrepreneurial brains and startups under a majestic old roof, overlooking the Danish parliament building in the centre of Copenhagen.

The mix of luxurious housing and spirited startups makes Matrikel1 a perfect venue for us, as both investors, bootstrappers and most entrepreneurial minds in between go for canned beer and pizza at our events.