Endomondo, GoMore, Jobindex, Admazely, Mofibo and Pine Tribe were great cases at Nordic Growth Hackers #2 on January 29th, 2015. After the success of NGH#1 in October 2014, this iteration had a lot to live up to.

The event was once again held at Founders House, where the energetic start-up atmosphere provides an authentic background to all the talks that were held.

This time we had limited the number of seats a bit and increased the amount of pizza. These decisions made both networking and being part of the audience more pleasant.

Ridesharing service “hacked” Swedish universities

The first speaker to take the floor was Matias Møl Dalsgaard, CEO and co-founder of GoMore. Although not too familiar with the term Growth Hacking, Matias did present a couple of pretty cool hacks on how they attempt to drive growth in Sweden.

The major hack was how they created Facebook groups for Swedish universities in order to get more students to use their carpooling service, further underlining their plan to “own” Scandinavia.

Mass marketing as a growth hack

Next up was CEO and founder of JobIndex, Kaare Danielsen. JobIndex was founded before the dot.com bubble burst and Kaare made it obvious that growth hacking is not only useful for start-ups, but an essential toolbox for any company at any stage.

The main point of Kaare’s talk was how they managed to use mass media marketing to become market leaders, at a time when they and all their competitors were having problems. Mass media marketing is not for everyone, but Kaare Danielsen managed to show a case where it could make sense.

Growth hacking success is often based on several failures

After the first NGH, we had an idea that we didn’t just want all the presentations to be success stories. There is, at least, as much value in stories about failure. For this event we decided to include a couple of presentations from founders of companies that did not survive.

The first of those was Peter Schlegel, former CEO of Admazely, a company offering remarketing solutions. The company went bankrupt because they could not secure more funding – but Peter’s presentation was more on the things they did right, not on what went wrong.

The presentation included some sound technical hacks on how they managed to scrape the web for potential leads.

Event triggered emails – a tried and tested growth tool

After the break, Tomas Gorrissen from Responsive showed us how they managed to generate 60% growth with their client Mofibo, through what you might call email process mapping. The idea was that you set up a chain of emails that focus on specific events.

A very enriching presentation, not just for those with an interest in email marketing.

Endomondo: Single sign-on on Facebook was key

Ture Dahl Børglum from Endomondo took the stage next. The presentation was about growing a business from 0 to 25 million downloads (without knowing anything about Growth Hacking) and was a fine insight into how Endomondo had grown from the early stages.

In the week up to the event, rumors had started to surface that a sale of Endomondo was imminent (which was confirmed the week after).The rumors made Ture’s points even more interesting as it emphasized the results of their massive growth.

Growth hacks were not enough to disrupt the publishing industry

After the story of Endomondo, it was time for another “story of failure” as founder and former CEO of Pine Tribe, Martin Bjergegaard, put it.

Pine Tribe attempted to disrupt the publishing industry by offering a mechanism where (Scandinavian) authors could easily publish and distribute their own works for an English market, without going through a major publisher.

Martin summarized the challenges of working with a big player like Amazon and the issues they had had with reaching their projected goals.

NGH#3 on April 23th: More networking and idea sharing over pizza & beer

In line with NGH tradition, pizzas and beers were offered after the talks. Mingling and networking over the pizzas, ideas were shared over a beer and we all took home valuable new input and inspiration.

We are really looking forward to the next NGH event in April and hope to see you there!

Christian Stautz

Growth Hacker at SimpleSite