Taylor Ryan, Partner, Klint Marketing

Organic LinkedIn: How Valuer.ai increased no. of followers and engagement

A high speed vivid talk on organic Linkedin – could have lasted 30 minutes, but still Taylor covers a lot of stuff you can really benefit from.

Watch the video for all the details – some of his main points at NGH#15 were:

– Organic reach is declining everywhere. And content is abundant because everybody creates it.

NB. Taylor’s quick poll showed that the NGH crowd creates more content than the average user. (We believe that’s good. In some way.)

– Influencers’ organic reach has declined 50% in 2019!

– Focus on your niche – and especially your audience’s niche.

– Company page posts on Linkedin reach 4-6 % of followers organically. Average engagement rate is 0.05% … And boosting is not a good usage of your money.

– Recent graduates are the biggest growing cohort on Linkedin.

Be a copycat: Find content that resonates with your audience – and copy it and post it. A lot of users do it. (Decent ethics is at least to credit the original author.) It works.

– Drive as much engagement as possible during the first hour after posting. That’s critical for the algorithm to pick up your content. Lempod is a tool that helps you get engagement fast in that critical first hour.

– Phantom Buster is a tool that lets you scrape engagement on posts from other users, e.g. from competitors. You can then target your competitors audience!

Finally Taylor presents his “extreme hack” using “Linked Helper” – to build a prospecting database that you can target via email.