Nikolaj Leonhard-Hjorth, Co-founder, Goodiebox

Funnel analysis and A/B tests are just basics: How insightful branding increased conversion rates

Nikolaj talked about how important it is to dig far deeper than just measuring and segmenting traffic and just doing experiment after experiment.

Goodiebox has experienced hockey stick-like growth over the past couple of years, and have opened several new markets for their “subscribe to a monthly box filled with beauty products”-concept – mainly targeted at women.

One new market was the Netherlands. Anthropology studies showed that Dutch women apparently only reward themselves if they have accomplished something. Goodiebox comes from Denmark where women basically don’t care if there’s a reason to celebrate – they just do it (and yes, Nikolaj had a position at Nike on his CV).

So for the Dutch market Goodiebox changed their communication based on that insight (and a bit more, but, you know, keep it simple) and that led to a huge increase in conversions on their website.

Nikolaj has a lot more to say on branding and communication to consumers – view the video to get all the insights.