Claus Johansen, CEO & Founder, Eloomi

From 100 to 400 B2B clients in 2 years: Understand your customer before you build your product

On the back of a recently completed A-round at a valuation of 300m Claus from the HR tool Eloomi talked about that “just make a cool product” is not enough.

Customer acquisition cost is key to drive a successful growth business and Eloomi managed to shortcut the classic B2B enterprise sales cycle, so 70% of revenues now come from inbound leads.

However – a product can be sold without showing the product if you target the right people with the right message.

And that is the dream of most founders: Have a signed deal on your product before you invest in product development.

So – no. 1 thing according to Claus is solving your clients’ pains.

Claus calls this “reverse marketing”: Talk to your customers and find the right go-to-market strategy.

Eloomi surveyed a lot of clients and found that there was a difference in what C-level required, what the HR folks experienced and what their operational reality was. And if you don’t address their reality then the “cool” of your product is not so cool.

So Eloomi’s main hack is talking about solving pains rather than showing a cool product at a competitive price.

Claus’ recipe:

Talk to your client’s heart. Tell them how you solve their pain with modern technology. Customers want to hear more if you can touch something they resonate with.

You can do that online with content – and then get inbound leads. Then find out their no. 1 pain – and then demo to them focusing on solving that pain.

That leads to an increased conversion rate.

For more details and Claus’ vivid talk, watch the video 🙂