Casper Emil Rouchmann, Traffic Manager, Templafy

How we turned LinkedIn into one of our most profitable channels using paid tactics

How to target the right people in large companies when you sell B2B.

Start e.g. with a tool (e.g. Discoverorg) that can list all the companies in the world that are using a specific technology, e.g. Salesforce. A list of 24m people comes up!

Filter them – and upload it in Linkedin as a custom audience. And then create ads that talks to real pains that your product solves on the back of Salesforce.


Integrating Sales with Marketing?

Linkedin now allows you to combine Sales Navigator and Campaign Manager  (or: soon, it’s in beta … ).

You can save a lead in Sales Navigator and within 24 hours the lead is fed into Campaign Manager, so your BDRs can target them and you can target them with ads on Linkedin.

Quite powerful.

Getting (automated) personal

See the video for Casper’s example of how Templafy made personal automated email flows, including what looks & feels like personalised welcome emails and videos – but automated.

The setup was initially created because their lead forms on the website stopped converting well.

To build something like that requires quite a few videos and some quite complex email flows based on ad clicks and segments – but it can definitely be worth it if you want to scale.