Mik Strøyberg, Founder & CEO, Good Monday

Good Monday: Reinventing the office supply business

Mik Strøyberg is an experienced entrepreneur and took the stage as the last speaker.

He told about how to build a product that doesn’t exist in the market already – starting out with a long period of manual processes, talking to clients and understanding their needs – and then getting to where the scaling starts.

“We killed the contract” Mik Strøyberg said about how Good Monday try to differentiate in a market where the alternatives are classic, heavy businesses and where you have to put together your office supplies (and a lot of other office related stuff that Good Monday deliver) from a wide range of vendors that all have their own, bureaucratic versions of how to manage a business relation.

Killing all those contracts may be the key differentiator for Good Monday.

It took some holding back where Mik Strøyberg continually investigated his clients’ needs to learn the requirements in the market. Making people ask the questions they didn’t know they could ask.

And then recently shifting to 100% online signup from manual meetings, negotiations and contract signing has proven to be a good step to ignite Good Monday’s growth engine.