Jacob Knobel, Owner, Datapult AI Consultancy

When PR gives you business. And when not.

acob Knobel has built a personal brand over the past years – including a Forbes “30 under 30” credit and other mentions by high profiles like the Danish Prime Minister.

Knobel thoroughly tracked what came out of each mention and his conclusion is: Not much.

However he did gain some business now and then, and his advice is that upon every public mention check who’s viewing your Linkedin profile.

And then contact them immediately to see if there’s a business opportunity.

Quite labour intensive but can pay off if you get a lot of business out of getting just the right person involved.

You may get many poor leads contacting you, so you will most likely waste a lot of time digging for gold. But it may be worth the effort, as the successful gold digger would say. (Don’t ask the not-so-successful gold diggers if you want to keep your enthusiasm up about going to Klondike).

When joining the panel Jacob was asked if you can run ads against all your Linkedin visitors – and yes you can, but you still have to spend time processing all those leads.