Hakon Junge, Growth & Brand, Pleo

Pleo: “The Stansted Hustle”

The day before NGH#14 Pleo announced a huge series B round of 50m EUR.

Hence, Hakon Junge was really riding a wave when he explained how Pleo built their initial customer base in the UK.

Most companies realize that before you can really scale sales you must crack the code to break through in each market.

So Hakon and a handful of his colleagues flew in to London from Copenhagen on a regular basis to visit their new and existing UK clients.

And here’s the cost saving hack: By booking flights (and meetings) in advance.

Hakon & Co. managed to get to London and back to Copenhagen for less than 100 EUR per person! Including all means of transportation!

It meant 20 hour work days but is definitely a great hack for bootstrappers whose employees’ time is less scarce than cash!

“The Stansted Hustle” Hakon labeled those exhausting fly-in & fly-out days.

Client advocacy the “selfie-on-Linkedin” way

“Use Linkedin as Instagram” Hakon said.

When visiting clients, another growth hack was to take selfies with the client and post it on Linkedin. The clients from this initial period turned out to be very loyal and generated a lot of referrals.

Hakon has built a personal brand on Linkedin which benefits Pleo a lot – check him out here.