Christian Brauner, CEO & Founder, Servicelovers

Servicelovers: What customers want

Christian Brauner of Servicelovers started by quoting Richard Branson:

“If you take care of your employees, they will take care of your clients.”

Christian Brauner is on a mission to give praise to service staff who deserves it – at the same time giving retail businesses insights into what to improve in their service on both an overall and detailed level.

Servicelovers had made a concept that their clients loved.

Only obstacle was that the most important users of the product were not Servicelover’s paying clients – but their clients’ customers:

Consumers in retail stores.

How to get Average Joe to download an app to rate a store’s staff on the way out the shop’s entrance door?

Good guess – it didn’t happen without the service staff really encouraging each customer. So not very sustainable.

The Servicelovers team lead by Christain Brauner went into their “war room” and gave a lot of thought on how to get to product market fit – i.e. get the retail customers engaged.

They asked the simple, yet core, question we all should be asking on behalf of our customers and users:

“What’s in it for me?”

It appeared there wasn’t enough in it for the retail customers to justify spending 30 seconds downloading an app.  

So, the Servicelovers team came up with a simpler version of their product without the mandatory app download:

Simply a tablet in each store –  but still way more advanced and personal than the competing “are you happy? – yes, maybe, no” solutions out there.

And now sales figures for Servicelovers are turning right.

Product finally fits the market.