Niels Henrik Rasmussen, CEO, Penneo, Founder, ex-CEO, Investor, Secunia

Niels Henrik got a double slot at NGH#13 being a pioneer in using inside sales in international B2B SaaS sales.

He pointed out that phone conversations have solved anything from preventing nuclear wars to selling newspaper subscriptions. The latter was Niels Henrik’s first experience with inside sales and he saw some room for improvement.

The main topic was how he made Secunia able to sell complex IT security solutions over the phone. Yes, the phone. No video. CIO’s tended to view video as a security risk so better close that channel.

“That forced us to articulate what we were selling,” he told the audience during the panel Q&A after his talk.

What was the secret of Secunia’s growth and outperforming competition?

Brand building was an important aspect:

The CTO of Secunia had a strong vision that security information should be free and built a reputation among Secunia’s target audience on that. That helped Secunia’s sales people tremendously when calling prospects. Trust was built already.