Morten Elk, CEO of SimpleSite and Initiator of Nordic Growth Hackers

Morten Elk, CEO of SimpleSite and initiator and organizer of the Nordic Growth Hackers events, started with the famous Peter Drucker quote:

“There is only one definition of business purpose: To create a customer”

That quote laid a solid foundation for the evening’s topic: Inside Sales in SaaS companies – of which we have quite a lot on the Copenhagen startup scene.

This was an event out of the ordinary: To celebrate the new year, the usual pizza was replaced by exquisite canapes delivered by the venue host, Matrikel1’s chefs. Vivino supplied some delicious cava.

View the other presentations here:

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Niels Henrik Rasmussen, CEO Penneo, investor and ex-CEO and founder Secunia: Selling 100.000€ software solutions over the phone? How to build the foundation for that.

Jonas Gundersen, CRO at Tame, Co-founder Aftercloud, ex-VP Sales at Famly: Three main learnings on the way to 100 customers.

Michael Stanley, Senior Account Executive, Queue-it: How to sit in Copenhagen and successfully sell in Hong Kong where personal relations are key.

Ólafur Sölvi Pálsson, ex-Director Of Commercial Operations at and Toni Hohlbein, COO, How to scale inside sales profitably at