Jonas Gundersen, CRO, Tame, Co-founder, Aftercloud, ex-VP Sales, Famly

A very entertaining talk by Jonas Gundersen, a truly experienced growth hacker from Copenhagen. His background as a professional CS-player might have earned him a few tricks to selling remote?

Jonas talked about the crucial pre-product-market-fit-phase that all startups go through.

First takeaway was to do a lot of unscalable stuff before you start thinking about scaling. Like testing prices among customers: Most likely no one will mind if you sell the same product at different prices to different customers. Just do it, test it.

Also, listen carefully to the clients that actually buy into your journey. Because most prospects don’t care. They want a product that solves their needs right now and make rigid comparisons to competing solutions, so don’t let them dictate your PMF – they will not see and thus share the vision you have.

Third, you have to accept the market conditions as they are. When you grow bigger you can start changing the world. Jonas used Famly when they entered the UK as an example: Due to fundamentally different ways of running daycare institutions in the UK, the product built for Denmark was plain irrelevant. So they had to build a different solution for the UK market.