The Nordic Growth Hackers #13 on January 30 at Matrikel1 was a deep dive into how inside sales can work for a SaaS – Software as a Service – company.

The main pieces of advice from the people who successfully work with it are:

  • It helps a lot to have built a brand if you want to sell over the phone.
  • Do all the unscalable stuff before you start scaling, e.g. talk to your prospects and clients!
  • Outbound calling can be a very effective channel: B2B solutions are rarely sold without some kind of personal contact.
  • Outbound calling is actually quite scalable if you have a structured approach.
  • The world is at your feet (on on your desktop) – but build and/or hire knowledge about local customs if you plan to sell to another market.

In this video:

Morten Elk, CEO and founder, SimpleSite, Initiator, Nordic Growth Hackers

Nanna Ulsøe, Founder of Canvas Planner

Bryan Rønnex, Global Business Lead, TimeLog

Niels Henrik Rasmussen, CEO Penneo, investor and ex-CEO and founder Secunia.

Jonas Gundersen, CRO at Tame, co-founder Aftercloud, ex-VP Sales at Famly

Toni Hohlbein, COO,

Ólafur Sölvi Pálsson, Ex-Director Of Commercial Operations,