Tommy Andersen, Managing Partner, byFounders

First on stage after Morten Elk’s keynote was Tommy Andersen talking about the Libratone success.

Basically they went to Apple in 2010 with nothing but a handful of renderings of a completely new product, the Libratone speaker.

They eventually landed a collaboration with Apple because the Libratone guys had experience in how to navigate all the interests in a big corporation like Apple. An “ambassador” in a venture fund helped get access to the right people inside Apple.

Another key element was that Libratone’s brand and values were quite close to Apple’s: A simple, modern white design (almost all hifi systems were black back then) and focus on the experience rather than the technology. And they delivered a product that fit extremely well into the whole Apple ecosystem.

Also they could piggyback a megatrend, the iPhone, which had been launched just a few years earlier and really changed a lot in how people consumed music.