Morten Elk, CEO of SimpleSite and initiator of Nordic Growth Hackers

Morten Elk opened the evening in this new NGH venue, Matrikel1, by stressing that this 4 year NGH anniversary event required a growth hack: We had 50 % more seats than previously, how to make sure all seats were filled?

The hack was supposed to be, that we had even more experienced speakers than regularly. However the tickets were sold out in 30 hours with only one speaker announced – Morten Primdahl of Zendesk – and that was way faster than previously – so maybe “a new venue” is a great growth hack in itself for recurring events?

We can’t do A/B tests retrospectively so we’ll never know. Bottom line: It was a great event in the NGH series and really delivered a lot of inspiration to the audience.

Each speaker was told to highlight three key decisions that really made a difference in their growth trajectories. Watch the other videos to get the full picture.