Mette Lykke, CEO, Too Good To Go

A thorough explanation of three key decisions in the growth path of Too Good To Go, the Danish food waste fighters currently growing faster than bamboo (the fastest growing plant on Earth).

First Mette told that right after she entered the company as CEO they decided to close down three countries and start over on their international expansion model.

Their initial model was suitable for food distributors but basically didn’t work with this disruptive app-model coming out of nowhere without an established brand, without traction & processes and without local funding.

Mette went through what they then did to open up new markets (which has already happened) before talking about culture and how to hire new staff.

TGTG went from 8 to 200 people in a few years and over the past 2 months welcomed 35 new colleagues.

An uptake like that requires solid recruitment skills and Mette mentions that they primarily hire via network and never employ anyone that doesn’t match the team DNA, which at its core is about changing the world to the better. And even if the person responds well to a TGTG DNA test: If TGTG don’t have he right gut feel about the person, it’s not-good-to-go.