Nordic Growth Hackers#11 – the interviews

Six speakers and plenty of questions to the panels. Everything was about how to create growth by tweaking your product – and “product” is in its broadest sense.

You need the right product for the right customers, that’s essential. A lot of NGH talks have focused on sales and marketing – this time, it was all about the product itself.

As Morten Elk explained, some companies only experience one or two critical events during their lifetime, where they fundamentally need to change their product to suit their customers’ needs. Far more changes happen continuously in sales and marketing. Thus, it’s easier to do a Nordic Growth Hackers event focused on sales and marketing than on product.

But since we all love our own products (we assume) and want growth via our products, there was a foundation for an event centered around – the product.

Key takeaways:

– Say “no” to customers who only want your product in a customised version, if you have product market fit (PMF), that is.

– Talk to your customers and look to your competitors to find out what your product may be missing to achieve PMF.

– Don’t clutter your nice and sleek product with too many features, if the features aren’t needed by all your users. Find ways to add functionality unobtrusively.