Thor Angelo, Founder & CEO, OrderYOYO

“Get five clients when you have a great idea. Then get them up and running and make them happy. Repeat.”

Thor started out with The Columbus Egg – you don’t know in advance what needs to be done, although your solution ends up being simple.

What Thor and OrderYOYO needed was to engage more in helping their clients (pizzarias and other take-away restaurants) get more clients – i.e. hungry consumers.

Initially OrderYOYO had an easy time selling to clients. Their offer had no cost to the restaurant, so it was a no-brainer and sales people closed most deals on their first visit to the client.

However, after 6 months only 40 percent of the restaurants used the product, which wasn’t satisfactory for either party.

So, in order to keep the increasing slice of the market, OrderYOYO spiced up their efforts by focusing on consumer engagement. That includes helping the restaurants market their customised OrderYOYO app and website to all their customers.

Thor stated that OrderYOYO has gone from being an online ordering app provider to being a marketing and engagement company.

E.g. OrderYOYO’s staff adds all the menu items manually for their clients.

With that shift in product, OrderYOYO’s client engagement rate is now over 90 percent – a significant increase from the starting point at 40 percent 6 months ago.

Bottom line: You may be able to sell your product and think it is great, but if your users don’t use it – it’s really not. And the solution may not be more bells and whistles in your app, it may be helping your clients with a service that makes them successful in using your product.