Bo Møller, Founder & CEO, HTML24 and Easypractice

“At Easypractice we don’t talk to clients. No phone and no phone number. Quite simple.”

A few eyebrows raised among the audience.

“But”, he then said, “we’re very strong in online support.”

Phheew, still customer focused after all.

Easypractice helps therapists manage their clinics – and therapists come in different sorts: Physicists, shrinks, healers, you name it. Different therapists, different needs.

After starting out with a simple one-size-fits-all product, Easypractice added an “app store” to their product to give each therapist the functionality they need without cluttering the UX for everyone.

As long as your market is not “the-winner-takes-it-all” you can develop your product slowly enough to make it stable and well-functioning for all your customers.

A slow but steady ride to the top: The turtle approach, also promoted by Mads Viktor from Peakon.

The “turtle approach” works: Easypractice have tripled customer lifetime value over the past three years.

Stay true to your vision: Do you want to build a really fast horse, or do you want to build a car? Maybe a cliché, but there’s a reason we still use it.

If you want to learn about Bo Møller’s “magic money machine” watch his talk from NGH#6. Bo Møller is founder of HTML24EasyPractice and Eatie.