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Growth Hacker Event January 29, 2015

Listen to the interviews and feel the good atmosphere at the Growth Hacker Event

January 29, 2015

Morten Elk: I thought this was a really nice second event. All the speakers were really specific and very, very honest, which made it super interesting. It was fun to hear about the bumpy ride of some of the companies.

Helle Uth: Part of my job is actually to meet interesting people within the startup community in Copenhagen, so for that reason, it’s good networking for me to attend the Nordic Growth Hackers event.

Morten Elk: Once we’ve finished with the speakers and go to the pizza, you hear all kinds of talk coming up and all kinds of networks being created here. I think we’re getting to know each other and I think we’re starting to feel the value of actually having this community in Copenhagen.

Ture Dahl Børglum: One of the most important growth hacks we have done was probably a few years back, when we did an early integration with our Facebook called single sign-on and sharing to Facebook. People would like to brag about their sports endeavors on Facebook and easily sign out from Facebook to Endomondo, and that grew our user base.
We could see a curve that increased 50% and it stayed high because they had friends that also were on Facebook and one or two do sports tracking and brag about it, so that friend also joined. That really helped us.

Morten Elk: Last time, we were a little more down on the tool level, whereas this time we had more established startups talking about results that actually worked.

Matias Dalsgaard: GoMore chose to launch our concepts outside of Denmark in Scandinavia first – Sweden and Norway – simply because we want to show that we are the Scandinavian brand and we own Scandinavia. Of course, there are much bigger various [inaudible 01:30]out there at Scandinavia. It’s just important to make sure that we own that business.

Helle Uth: Another reason I come here is actually just to gain knowledge about other cases in order to knowledge share within the companies that I work with.
One of the most interesting things I heard tonight was the work with funnel optimization that Admazely did.

Carmen Márquez Castro: I was really interested in the guy that was speaking about Drip marketing emails and marketing automation, because that’s something that we are really looking into in our company, especially when he mentioned the tool that he’s using now – I think that’s what I’m going to try to apply in our company. Also the unsuccessful attempts, because it gave us insight to what not to do.

Kaare Danielsen: Unfortunately, it’s not enough to have the good product or even the best product; you have to market it as well. Forget about mass market if you are a small startup. The only real way of marketing that works is the word-of-mouth. Either buy users recommending your product to each other or sharing it on social media.

Morten Elk: We’re going to have to figure out how to do the next sessions so that we could cover another subject. That’s going to be fun.