When: Thursday, June 22, from 16:00 – 19:00
Where: 24Labs ApS, Strandlodsvej 44, 3rd floor, 2300 Copenhagen S

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We are doing a break-out session from the regular NGH event – this time with a deep dive on data.

We’re going to talk about data. Data is one of the key raw materials for a tech startup. Do you have the right LTV? Does it vary by market or other segmentation? What IS the right segmentation. Do you do proper A/B experiments that connect deeply to your business data? Is marketing getting timely effect data? Do you have the right churn levels for budgeting (and making sure you are well-covered regarding cash). Get some or all of this wrong, and you are running blind.

Therefore, a lot of us are working hard on getting high-quality data for understanding our businesses. That involves making some interesting, non-trivial and long-ranging decisions on how to establish a data pipeline that is both robust and flexible. It needs to deliver the right data to the right people, every day in a predictable and timely manner. And it needs to provide for interactive uses and for doing real digging, experimentation and hunting for insights.

The question is: How do you best organize your work with data?

We are very fortunate to have Laurits Søgaard Nielsen give us a deep dive through thoughts and best practices. Laurits has been a consultant working on data and business intelligence for a number of years and is now heading Advanced Analytics in SKAT where a unit of 20+ people are creating just such data environment.

Laurits will spend an hour or two laying out thoughts and designs and we will have a Q&A afterwards. Finally, we’ll organize some beer and pizza and we can all have an opportunity to network and discuss further.

The event is best suited if you are working with data, analytics and Business Intelligence on a daily basis, but is open to anyone interested.

We have been fortunate that the digital agency HTML24 will provide space in their newly opened co-working space 24labs. The founder of HTML24, Bo Møller, is a frequent participant at Nordic Growth Hackers and he is very passionate about anything related to data, digitalisation and growth and he was keen on helping out with an event such as this one. Bo informed us that there will be coffee, water (and sparkling water!) as well as the possibility to challenge someone in either foosball or ping pong after the scheduled parts of the event.

To cover beer and pizza, we are charging a modest 50 dkk for participation. Tickets will be issued on a first come, first serve basis.

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