Interviews from Nordic Growth Hackers #16, January 23, 2020, at Matrikel1: Watch interviews with: Morten Elk, CEO, SimpleSite and Initiator of NGH Maria Homann, Content Marketing Manager, Leapwork Morten Spliid, CMO, Hobbii Troels Skjelbo, CMO, Visma E-conomic Youssef Mohamed, Founder, BY CASE

Maximilian Frimmer, Co-founder & Partner, Likvido: NGH#16 – From 2 to 12 sales staff: Sales turned profitable when client segment and channel matched.

Morten Spliid, CMO, Hobbii: NGH#16 – 0 to 200 million in 5 years: How to knit a high performance marketing team.

Troels Skjelbo, CMO, Visma E-conomic: NGH#16 – Hypergrowth: Empowering marketing employees via OKR (Objectives and Key Results) proved to be the greatest growth hack.

Lasse Kalkar, Business Development Manager & Interim Head of Growth, Nordics, Revolut: NGH#16 – 9 million users and +300% growth: When even “non-scalable” channels prove scalable.

Robert Juul Glaesel, Partner & Global Head of Sales, 24Slides: NGH#16 – Inside sales vs marketing? Learnings from improving lead quality & how +2.5 million free downloads help.

Morten Elk, Initiator of Nordic Growth Hackers, CEO at SimpleSite: NGH#16 – Keynote: Why we keep doing this.

NGH#16 featured six speakers sharing the highlights from their growth journeys. It was a night packed with inspiring presentations, networking, pizza and beer in the new event space at Matrikel1. A big thanks to the six speakers! Click on the photo to enlarge. Click “back” in your browser to go back to the overview page….

  Interviews from NGH#15, October 3 2019 In this video you can watch interviews with: Morten Elk, CEO, SimpleSite and initiator of NGH– on how the event is maturing: Growth is not just about “hacks”. Lars Fløe Nielsen, Co-founder, Sitecore– on why you should kill well-performing products if you have an ambitious growth target. Zenia…

Taylor Ryan, Partner, Klint Marketing Organic LinkedIn: How increased no. of followers and engagement A high speed vivid talk on organic Linkedin – could have lasted 30 minutes, but still Taylor covers a lot of stuff you can really benefit from. Watch the video for all the details – some of his main points…

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