If you spend the next three months implementing all the great takeaways from NGH#8 – SEO-backlinks, stronger CTA, the right marketing team, reduce risk at product launch and a fully automated code release process – you will have a 10,001 horsepower growth machine.

Watch this video to get a very condensed walkthrough of a few highlights from the event:

– the SEO / backlinks methodology from Taylor Ryan / Geniebelt

– the in-between soft & hard Call To Action from Brian Kyed / Airtame

– the how-to-minimize-uncertainty when launching a new product from Kristian Gundersen / Graduateland

And hear how the public institution “The Copenhagen Business House”, represented by Development Facilitator Mia Negru, experienced the event and how she sees it contribute to building a stronger business environment in Copenhagen.

And of course, the helicopter view of the event from Morten Elk, initiator of Nordic Growth Hackers and CEO of SimpleSite.

As usual the audience was a mix of new members of the NGH community and a large group of regular attendees.

Beer & growth hacks

Did I mention that we always serve free pizza & beer? Why beer, not coffee? Well, people want free beer. So that’s our small growth hack to push those in doubt to attend.

(You can have a cup of coffee as well at NGH, no problem!)

But how does beer intake relate to growth hacking?

Coming up with new growth hacks is a lot about methodology, experience, number crunching, tests, analytical skills etc. But the part where you want to think outside the box and combine all the above into your next hack – is about creativity.

Research shows that alcohol strengthens your creative side – BUT it also reduces your memory! We got all the talks on video, so no worries. A beer at the NGH evening is OK, as long as you write or capture your new great ideas immediately, so you won’t forget them.

Coffee, on the other hand, is for execution.

This nice infographic explains the difference.

So grab a coffee the day after NGH and go through your notes and evaluate what’s worth implementing at your company.

This post was written on coffee. Another cup is waiting.

See you for a beer – or soda or coffee – at the next NGH!