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Growth Hacker Event April 23, 2015

Listen to the interviews and feel the good atmosphere at the Growth Hacker Event

April 23, 2015

I think we have got a good community going here. Lot of people are interested in growth and can actually assist each other in bringing growth to a higher level in Denmark. One of the real value in an event like this is the possibility to talk to some of the speakers and exchange more stories on how to implement best practices on new acquisitions.

This was the third of the Nordic Growth hack events. We have now had 18 talks from interesting startups doing interesting growth tactics. People were engaging just like the other times, asking lots of questions. When it came to pizza, you couldn’t stop talking.
A huge focus area for us at the moment is our onboarding process and how to acquire users, especially on Facebook for our games. I think it was really interesting to hear for instance how Billetto are structuring that process.

The greatest growth hack is from a company called Downtown. We had a competition at a Fashion block explaining the concepts that if you buy together you can get discounts, and hopefully you can also win a really expensive purse. I think we went from 5,000 to 50,000 users because that was our exact target group and they really understood the concept based on that campaign.

Take Anders from Billetto. I have been in an informal growth network with him for a couple of years. We have been discussing what the tools of growth are really and how do you define the models and so on. He’s come a long way. He’s got a growth team now of five people, funded by a board of directors that believes in these growth models and he’s seeing results now. In my own company we’ve been doing these things for a long time, but having interesting people to talk to, just raises the level of ambition and the number of results we get. We are definitely more ambitious. We know that we are going to be on stage and we want to present good stuff. It pushes the envelope in a very nice way.

At some point, we had a very important launch and we discovered that the supply chain could not follow through and deliver the quantities for the sales orders that we had. We tried to turn it around into an advantage instead. We thought that the scarcity of the product maybe makes it a bit more desirable. What we did was that we said to some sales channels that you cannot have the product in full volume, whereas the Apple stores which was a prime customer for us, they got the volume. We were trying to get people to go the showcase shops, be inspired, see the product, listen to it and then go to the Apple stores and acquire the product.