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Brian Kyed, Co-founder, Airtame

May 10, 2017 – The possibility of booking a demo call with an employee has created significant growth for Airtame.

Airtame used to have two calls to action on their website: “Sign up for our newsletter” – or “buy now”.

But the company wanted a call to action that was in between the two options: softer than “buy” but more concrete than “sign up”.

“Book a demo call” became the solution that would become a potent sales tool.

Airtames primary product is hardware so the demo is an online walkthrough of a presentation, but importantly it enables the user to ask questions about functions and compatibility.

It turned out that the conversion rate on the demo calls was around 60 pct – and thereby the right call to action. After optimising the processes around booking and marketing of the demo call, the demo calls now generate a significant part of Airtames revenue.

In this video Brian shows the entire mix of tools stitched together for Airtame’s total CRM & online marketing processes. It’s quite a handful!

Brian Kyed also shared his approach to tools and how to use them. Namely that you shouldn’t let your tools control you. See what he means by that below.