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SAVE THE DATE: NGH #8 – MAY 10, 2017

Pitch your idea and present at NGH #8

For the past seven NGH events, we’ve had a lot of inspiring and informative presentations.

For NGH#8, we want to turn things on their head a little.

The theme for NGH#8 is Tools & How To Use Them.

We like tools. They’re shiny, wonderful things. And we want to hear how YOU use them.
We want to hear interesting stories about 1) an important process in your business and 2) the hows and tools you use to accomplish it.

So if you have an interesting story to tell along those lines, please pitch it to us.

If your pitch gets picked, you’ll be presenting it at NGH #8 on the 10th of May.

Examples of processes you might have a story about could be:

  • Lead generation
  • Creating performance reports
  • How to treat (un)happy customers
  • How to fill the top of the funnel (Scraping? Social media? Something else?)
  • How to categorize the quality of your leads
  • How to segment paying customers
  • LTV calculation
  • Measuring product quality
  • Etc. etc.

Of course we don’t expect you to reveal ALL of your secrets. We just want to get a peek behind the curtain. 😉

If you’re interested in filling up one of the presenter slots, send your pitch to Morten Elk @

Meet the speakers who presented at NGH #7:

David Helgason

Foounder, Unity

Morten Ebbesen

Founder, SiteImprove

Gert Sylvest

Co-founder, Tradeshift

Martin LeBlanc Eigtved

Founder, Iconfinder

Asbjørn Malte Søndergaard

Founder, Tactile Entertainment

Interviews from NGH #7:

Morten Elk, SimpleSite:

“What is the purpose of a business?”

Speakers from NGH #7:

David Helgason, Unity:

“The right business at the right time.”

Asbjørn Malte Søndergaard, Tactile Entertainment

“How to succeed in a competitive market.”

Janek Borgmann, Penneo

“We modified our product to suit our customer.”

Morten Ebbesen, SiteImprove

“Maintaining 50% growth per year.”

Martin LeBlanc Eigtved, IconFinder

“Going from free to freemium.”

Gert Sylvest, Tradeshift

“Learning from our mistakes and listening to customers.”

What are the Nordic Growth Hacker events?

Nordic Growth Hackers is an event series organized and hosted by SimpleSite, and is for everyone who is working with or has an interest in how to grow an online business. Events are held in Copenhagen every three months, presenting real growth hacks directly from the practitioners themselves.

We’ll take you on a speedy journey of six real-world cases of things that worked, things that did not, dos and don’ts, world-class tools and hopefully a couple of surprises thrown in for good measure. You will spend an afternoon in good company and hopefully return invigorated, richer in network and full of ideas.

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