Nordic Growth Hackers 10th Anniversary

Interviews with speakers and audience at Nordic Growth Hackers #10 January 31, 2018.  

At least five growth hacks are revealed in the video, including lead scoring, when to add a cart to your e-commerce shop, Similartech, LinkedIn B2B lead generation – and Google Dynamic Search Ads. 

“The concept is the same every single time – they come in, talk about something specific they are passionate about, and everybody gets wiser.” 

That is SimpleSite CEO and Nordic Growth Hackers Morten Elk’s description of why Nordic Growth Hackers is still going strong at the 10th event. 

Watch why Steffen Hedebrandt from Airtame and Taylor Ryan, Technical Growth Hacker and Marketeer keep coming back to Nordic Growth Hackers – and their biggest takeaways.  

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