Oleg Parinov, Technical Product Manager & Christos Iosifidis, VP of Product Management at Vivino

They had no experience or knowledge of e-commerce. But they had the growth hacking tools – and that was enough.

TL:DR Experience is overrated. Use the growth hacking tools.

That could be the short description of the Vivino success as an e-commerce platform, according to Oleg Parinov and Christos Iosifidis.

In reality it was a bit more complicated and frustrating than that. It is actually quite a tough process to introduce Vivino users to the idea of buying wine through the app.

It has taken many many A/B tests and arguments – but the results speak for themselves.

Take a look at the video – and listen for the sound of champagne bottles from Vivino popping in the background.

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