A jam-packed first Nordic Growth Hackers event took place on Wednesday, October 1st at the start-up collective Founders House in Copenhagen. The perfect location and atmosphere for the event initiated by SimpleSite.

The tickets for the event were sold out in less than a week after the event was publicized. Could seem like an easy achievement as tickets were free and including beer & pizza but it still made us at SimpleSite excited about the potential of this event.
Any doubts we had about no-shows were put to shame as the venue became packed quite quickly. More chairs were needed to accommodate the more than 100 guests and after a short delay the talks started.

Morten Elk, initiator of Nordic Growth Hackers and CEO of SimpleSite, took the stage and made it clear what growth hacking is about: Doing all those small changes in your business that, put together, will double your growth rate, which makes the difference between a no-company and a “company buying death stars”.

Bottom line: Being at the NGH event #1 should induce the attendants with concrete ideas to grow their business faster. The six following speakers each presented a different angle to how they created growth in their companies. See all the speeches and presentations here.

Surprised? Growth Hacking is about hard (team)work

Christos Iosifidis from Vivino started the show by “Demystifying Growth Hacking”. As the title may imply the talk was about emphasizing the patience and grit needed for growth hacking instead of following the “quick fixes” that many blog posts on growth hacking concern themselves with.

Peter Engelbrecht from Firmafon gave a technical and practical talk on his “Growth Hacking Toolbox”. He talked about how and when you can benefit from moving away from Excel (which was compared to driving a Kia) to stronger tools like Google spreadsheets (driving a Land Rover) and the programming language R (an all terrain military vehicle) when doing statistical analysis in your business.

Next in line was Ronja Gustavsson from Falcon Social who told us how to put together a diverse Growth Hacking team, based on the astronomical growth (640% (!)) that they had experienced in the past year.

After the three talks, there was a short break where people could mingle, network and exhange ideas. And they did!

Growth hacks before the age of growth hacking

The “grand old man” of Danish startups, serial entrepreneur Martin Thorborg took the floor after the break, in his usual energetic style. Thorborg did not need any presentation software and spoke about doing growth hacking before growth hacking was a thing. A couple of war stories from the “old days” that might inspire the primarily younger crowd in the room.

SimpleSite’s Jonas Nielsen then explained how growth hacking is done at SimpleSite and the systematic approach to data and testing that is necessary with a user volume above 400.000 new trials a month. The talk centered on how this approach made it possible to make a tough business decision on changing from a premium to freemium business model.

Jon Schäffer from Conferize gave some examples on how Conferize mine event communities in order to build and increase their user base. The talk concluded the formalized part of the event and people moved to the next room for pizza and more beer.

Judging by the participants´ reaction to the small mountain of pizzas served the talks had made people really hungry – so for the next event we promise to serve snacks during the break!

Lots of business, tech and math debate

After each three talks a panel was formed by the three speakers. Questions came in quick succession and it was clear that the broad range of the talks gave everybody a chance to participate in the discussion.

There was room for business questions, technical questions and even questions about math and statistics. Our original idea for the event was that it should be a platform for knowledge sharing, not for company pitches, and it seemed to resonate well with the participants.

See you next time!

All in all we are very happy with the event and we hope that all attendants went home inspired and full of ideas. We are very excited to welcome you all for the next event in January.

We want to grow Nordic Growth Hackers and starting at such a high level makes that a really nice and welcome challenge.

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PS: Please use the comment field if you have any suggestions for the next event, we would love to hear from you!

Christian Stautz

Growth Hacker at SimpleSite