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Attendee interviews

October 1, 2015

Q: Tommy, you have been here quite a couple of times. You’ve been a speaker yourself. And have you applied any growth hack that you learned one of these evenings in one of your portfolio companies?
TOMMY ANDERSEN: Several. I mean several in there and over time. The good thing is, you know, you get a lot of input here, right, and maybe you take like, I don’t know, two, three, four of them and you bring them home. There’s a lot of stuff that does not apply to what you do yourself, but also, and especially tonight, there was a lot of generic advice on, you know, how you do stuff, especially the hiring thing that Thor was talking about. Very interesting part. You know, you can go straight back to your own company and, you know, apply that to your reality. Right?
THOR ANGELO: So we found the perfect recipe to growing a company really fast. So, if we need a new person to, you know, to hire, the same evening I go on Facebook, I make a post, I make a doodle with four slots, and then 15 minutes people attack them and take those shots. The next day I have four interviews and I always pick one or two of those, and they are hired the day after. So, it takes me two days from “we’ve got an idea about a new person” and he actually starts. Two days.
MORTEN ELK: This is our sixth Nordic Growth Hackers event. We had a break during the summer, but we’re back now in full force. We’re going to do it every three months like usual. Today we have four really interesting speakers talking about actual growth hacks and talking about the structure of growth and what really drives growth.
DITTE CRAMER: I work at Founders with a team called Duuoo and we are trying to get our product out there and we are also looking into different growth hacks and marketing techniques that we can use in our company as well. I think the explanation that Steffen from Airtame gave us about how he is responding to reviews and actually using them to get more customers — that was the best insight for me.
STEFFEN HEDEBRANDT: So what I talked about today was how we at Airtame uses the Net Promoter Score score as a way to drive growth, basically. We identify who is the happy customers and who is the not happy customers. Those who are happy we ask for a review, those who are not happy we go a long way to make them happy. And we’ve hooked that up with a lot of automation, so 30 days after you purchase an Airtame, we send the question, we follow up until they are happy or whatever we could to make them happy. And for us we found a platform like Amazon where we can actually sell a lot of products when we get new reviews.
TOMMY ANDERSEN: So I use this event for networking. You know, I listen as much to the speakers as to the audience. So the idea is to come here, hear about the hacks, both from product companies, from services companies, from software companies, and see what do they do to make, you know, hyper growth in their companies. But to take that back as an investor, apply it in my own portfolio.
BO MOLLER: So, my philosophy is to mitigate the highest risks first in any company I work with. At Easypractice we have this growth hack where we like to open new markets by simply translating our website using Google-translate. Its fast, it’s easy. It’s not the best but in this way we can open in 10 countries, which we did. Start marketing and figure out which one works. And then target all our resources at the countries that actually work.
MICHAEL MOESGAARD ANDERSEN: People often say it’s all about execution, it’s all about customers, or it is all about recruitment, or whatever. However, I think that what matters is really the business model. To create a sustainable, strong business model comprising of these factors and also many other factors. Timing is also of essence. Or as I often say, trend is your friend. You need to be in the marketplace where there’s a need from the customers when the rubber meets the road, so to speak.