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Morten Elk, CEO, SimpleSite

May 10, 2017 – We all love tools – but a tool is just a tool if it isn’t used right. While it is a lot of fun to play with new tools, they only become more than playthings, if we use them in a smart way in processes. That is why we have found five people who use cool tools in very clever ways in their companies.

They offer plenty of different insights that have hacked the growth of these incredible companies.

Check out their videos and Morten’s keynote below – and make sure to look out for the next Nordic Growth Hackers event, so you don’t miss out on another vital part of the evening – good conversation with fellow growth hackers over a slice of pizza and a beer or soda.

Taylor Ryan, Head of Marketing, Geniebelt
SEO hack: How to increase your number of backlinks.

Kasper Hove, Head of Online Marketing, Momondo
The right marketing team for international expansion.

Kristian Gundersen, Product Management and Growth Marketing, Graduateland
How to monetize 30.000 monthly signups.

Brian Kyed, Co-Founder, Airtame
Scaling Demo Calls: From idea to 6-digit monthly revenue.

Christian Holm, Co-Founder, Peakon
Start automating routine tasks in development as early as possible.