Anders Mayntzhusen, CCO at Dixa

Designing cold emails that are a) legal and b) actually work requires trying a lot of different approaches. In Dixa’s experience the best practices don’t work but even if that is the case you can pick up a trick or two from Dixa.

“When it comes to setting up cold emails you need to trial and error to hit the nail – you can read a lot of best practices, but they don’t work. We know, because we tried most of them.”

You can see what worked in the video. Some of the very concrete advice on content:

  • The title needs to be as short as possible – 5-7 words and the most important words in front
  • Create trust
  • Don’t lie – match their expectations
  • Show relevance
  • Make it personal – use their name and company name
  • Make the email actionable

By using this method Dixa’s first customers came from cold emails, and in January they raised 11 million DKK in a venture round.

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